Picture of Peter Sutton I am currently working at HHU Düsseldorf as a member of a project on frame based approaches to countability as part of the SFB 991 project 'The Structure of Representations in Language, Cognition, and Science'.

Some of the topics that interest me are: the semantics of counting and measuring constructions, vagueness, context-sensitivity, and the philosophy of information.

Some of the frameworks I have worked with are: probabilistic approaches to semantics and pragmatics, richly typed semantic theories (including Type Theory with Records), frame-based semantic theories.

I completed a PhD in philosophy at King's College London. In my thesis, I developed a probabilistic approach to modelling vague natural language predicates and applied this approach to some philosophical problems in the vagueness literature.

Details of the funding for my research and my teaching experience can be found in my CV.