I am currently working at HHU Düsseldorf as the postdoctoral researcher on the project ‘Individuation of Eventualities and Abstract Things‘, a project funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Some of the topics that interest me are: the semantics of counting and measuring constructions (both in the nominal and verbal domains), vagueness, the semantics of case marking (especially in Finnic languages), context-sensitivity, and the philosophy of information.

Some of the frameworks I have worked with are: probabilistic approaches to semantics and pragmatics, richly typed semantic theories (including Type Theory with Records), frame-based semantic theories.

Details of the funding for my research and my teaching experience can be found in my CV.

Publication name:

There are many Peter Suttons out there. I publish under the name Peter R. Sutton.

I am distinct from: Peter A. Sutton (Philosophy, Virginia Union University)


Peter Sutton [he/him]

peter dot r dot sutton at_symbol icloud dot com

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